The Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 of 30/06/2003 protects the confidentiality of personal data and imposes a series of obligations for those handling personal data to other parties.

Among the most important obligations that the law requires to be met is to inform stakeholders and obtain their consent to treatment, especially for processing activities in relation to which the data should be disclosed to other parties.

Therefore, we inform you, pursuant to Decree Law in question, the writing company data controller (DADECOM Srl, Alessano LE to Via Nazionale) collects and processes data concerning your company to purposes related to the management of ordinary business relations and, specifically, for the provision of tourism services by persons affiliated to the portal, the accountancy customers / suppliers, billing, management of the creditor for the satisfaction of all the obligations imposed by law.

Your information also may be used for the purposes only internal statistical and market research.
The treatments can be effected through either computer or manual, in the observance of all necessary precautions to ensure the security and confidentiality of the information.

Your information also may be disclosed to third parties only for technical and operational closely related to the purposes listed above and in particular to the following categories:
a) institutions, professionals, companies or other places we responsible for the processing related to the fulfillment of administrative, accounting and management related to the ordinary conduct of our business, even for purposes of debt collection
b) to public authorities and administrations for purposes connected with the fulfillment of legal obligations
c) banks, financial institutions or other persons to whom the data transfer is necessary for the performance of our firm in relation to, for our part, of the contractual obligations assumed with you.

Either your conferment of the data or your consent can be freely manifested, but your refusal will make it impossible, for our part, to enter into contracts and other obligations connected and properly handle their relations trade.

Finally we inform you that, pursuant to Article 13 of the Decree Law no. 196/2003, you may at any time request in writing to, update, correct or modify your data.

Requiring the express statement of your consent to the treatment, we will consider such consent conferred orally, from time to time, in relation to the single business relations, considering, as of now, informed on the treatments carried out by us, in accordance with the effects of the Law Decree object.